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he Southern Forest Employment Hub is a new initiative based at the Manjimup Community Resource Centre.   This interactive website aims to connect employers with job-seekers in the beautiful Southern Forest Region of Western Australia.

Information on the Southern Forests Food Producers

The seed for the Southern Forest Employment Hub came about as a partnership between the Manjimup Community Resource Centre and AGRIFOOD Skills Australia.

genuinely southern forestsWith limited recruitment personnel agencies serving the needs of the agriculture industry in the Southern Forest Region (Warren-Blackwood), an extensive cross-sector survey of farmer employers across the Warren Blackwood region revealed a potential of up to 200 jobs including 80 permanent jobs.

South-West WA’s Premiere Job & Employment Information Portal

The Southern Forest Employment Hub will allow employers from all industries across the whole region easy access to exchange information on the availability of jobs and will allow job seekers in all industries to lodge their details as well, and is intended to be economically independent and sustainable once established.  Manjimup Community Resource Centre would appreciate feedback during this pilot-program stage.

Our Wonderful Sponsors This pilot program is being enthusiastically supported by the local agricultural industry, and nurtured by AGRIFOOD Skills Australia who are providing funding, guidance and leadership in the project.

Manjimup Community Resource Centre


estern Australia’s innovative state-wide network; of 109 Community Resource Centres, support local community development in regional Western Australia.  The local centres are well placed to serve the unique needs of their regional communities and to respond to the service gaps and community development opportunities of their region.

Front row : Karen Dalton (SFEH consultant), Krystal Carpanoni (Cert III Business Trainee), Emily Bates (Cert IV Business Trainee)
Back row : Polly Valentine (Volunteer Opportunity Development Service), Ranui Donaldson (Co-ordinator / Project Developer), Jade Edwards (Administration Officer)

sfeh staffManjimup Community Resource Centre, “Your Local Connection”, was a natural fit to respond to the needs of the rich and diverse needs of local farmers.  With over 50 different fruit, vegetable and nut crops including table staples such as potatoes and apples, and niche market high end food products such as truffles and pickled walnuts, the seasonal labour needs of the region are complex and variable and best served by an agency “on the ground”.

The Southern Forests Region

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  1. Comment made by Scott on Jan 14th 2018 at 4:19 pm:

    Hi Guys,
    Just attempted to apply for a job and the listed email address does not work (pasted it into my email client). Please help. This job expires soon.
    Job: Customer Service Officers, Royal Life Saving – Posted by Ranui Harris – Manjimup
    Email: supermanji@royallifesavingwa.com.au


    • Comment made by Ranui Harris on Feb 6th 2018 at 11:30 am:

      Hi Scott,

      We are so sorry for the late reply.
      Unfortunately we can only place up on the Southern Forests what is exactly said within the weekly paper

      Again, we are sorry for the late reply but hope you have luck in finding future employment

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